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Bangkok Hostel: Saphaipae Backpacker's Hostel Review

We stayed in Saphaipae hostel for a three-day Bangkok getaway with family. This hotel is rated as one of the top backpacker's hostels in Bangkok, and it's not hard to see why. Great location, clean, comfortable rooms, a hip, modernist aesthetic, and best of all --  it is very, very affordable. 

1. Location

One of the best things that Saphaipae hostel has going for it is its location. Situated in Silom, it is far enough from the crowded chaos of Bangkok's main streets (like Khao San), but near enough that the Bangkok Train station is just a five-minute walk away. It is also easy to hail a cab from the hotel's front door, plus, there are a variety of different restaurants and shops that are accessible in the area.

Photo courtesy of  Saphaipae Backpacker's Hostel Bangkok

2. Rooms

There are enough room choices here to satisfy any budget traveler's requirements for comfort and privacy. There are dorm rooms exclusively for women, that have 4-8 beds, or, if you have no problem bunking with  up to 10 girls and guys, there's a mixed dorm room as well.

Initially, my dad, my mom and my two sisters were billeted in the Private Family room for four people.

Saphaipae Backpacker's Hotel Bangkok

Photo courtesy of Saphaipae Backpacker's Hotel Bangkok 

As you can see in the photo, the rooms have their own safe, plus cabinets for your clothes. 

Meanwhile, I chose a bed in the mix-dorm room, just to see what it would be like to share a bedroom space with total strangers.

Photo courtesy of Saphaipae Backpacker's Hotel Bangkok 

What was I thinking? After one night of tossing and turning and catching a glimpse of bare, male, Caucasian backs in the adjoining bunk beds, I bundled my things and trooped to my family's room. The next couple of nights, I shared a bed with my sister.

The rooms here are quite spacious -- even the dorm rooms are not cramped. The beds are clean, and comfortable. Being the small Asian girls that we are, one bed was big enough to fit my sister and I quite nicely. The shared bathrooms are spic and span, with large round mirrors, and sparkling sinks.

Wifi was free by the way, and had a strong signal, even in the bedrooms.

3. Lobby (and Hallways)

My sisters and I loved the funky lobby. The design was very hip, and was very much targeted at the young, backpacking crowd. Plenty of couches and seats, plus 8 computer terminals, a pool table and a coffee shop.

Pool table and snazzy Bangkok city map

Tweeting from Bangkok at the computer stations in Saphaipae Backpacker's Hostel Bangkok

Monkeying around at the coffee shop of the Saphaipae Backpacker's Hostel Bangkok 

Tons of guide books to browse through at the lobby of  Saphaipae Backpacker's Hostel Bangkok

The hallways are so cool too - each floor of hostel has a different design splashed on its walls.

4. Staff

To be honest, I can barely remember the staff -- other than that they reassured us, weeks in advance via telephone, that their area wasn't flooded, unlike what CNN and other news channels claimed.

5. Food

We had breakfast at the hotel one morning, and they served the standard fare of coffee, cereals, porridge and the like. They also served Thai food, but we didn't try it.

Food here is okay -- nothing special, and although it's not expensive, it's not cheap either.

6. Price
We actually booked this hostel through Agoda, which was a rather breezy process.
For my three night's booking in the mixed dorm room, I paid USD 36.33 (Php 1,654.89). That's around USD 12 a night!

7. Others

There is a free weekly Thai cooking lesson held on the hostel's terrace on Wednesdays, plus a room with an LCD TV and DVDs you can rent for free.

Saphaipae Backpacker's Hostel information:
Address: 35 Surasak Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok
Tel. No. +66-2-238-2322

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