Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Travel Jump Shots

You know Youtube sensation Matt? The guy who would do his signature dance move in various exotic locations? Well if you haven't you can click this link to see this very exhilarating, inspiring video.

Many others have started their own travel traditions as well. Like that guy who takes a photo of the back of his girlfriend as she leads him all over the world. Or Philippine  model/host Bianca Gonzalez who does a tumbling shot in the various world cities she has gone to.

Jotham and I, we have our jump shots. We really didn't plan on creating this jump shot tradition. And the photos we've started with, in Korea and China are very amateurish. But we're getting better (just look at the one in Tagaytay!) And it's something to look forward to, in the trips that are to come. 

I'm posting them here today, because  I for one, could use a little inspiration to work harder, so I can travel more, on this dreary Wednesday morning.

What about you? What travel tradition will you start?  

Just after climbing the Great Wall of China at Jinshanling. 

Jotham's amazing jump shot at the Great Wall in Jinshanling.

Autumn in Seoul, especially in the grounds of the Gyeonbokgung Palace, is quite lovely.  

Sunset jump shot at Taejeongdae Park in Busan, Korea, with Jujeonja (or "Kettle" Island) in the background. 

Cold, cold day in Haeundae Beach in Busan. 

On the 14th try, we finally got this somewhat blurry shot in front of the Bird's Nest, in the Olympic Park in Beijing. 

Right across the Bird's Nest in Beijing -- the glowing Water Cube. It doesn't look it, but our faces are frozen solid at this point. 

In Haedong Yonggunsa Water Temple in Busan, overlooking the rocky ocean.

And this last one was taken in a private backyard in Tagaytay, with the best view of Taal volcano that I've ever seen. 

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