Thursday, October 10, 2013

All Soul's Weekend in Boracay

The first and only time I was in Boracay, was way back in 2006. The magazine I was working for then, was setting up a shop at D'Mall. 

Aside from fixing the small shop that was meant to sell beauty products, our activities consisted of  swimming and sunbathing, visiting Puka Beach, enjoying a shake from Jonah's -- and sleeping promptly at 10 pm.

I haven't been back to Boracay since -- the see-and-be-seen vibe of the island has never appealed to me. I don't like the idea of being accosted by enterprising locals who would offer this or that boat ride, and the thought of walking around in a bikini in front of everyone and their brother mortifies me. 

More so now, when most of my (former) students have come of age, and are dominating Boracay's shores.

I guess I've always been more of the reclusive type -- always happier with my books, my family, or a few close friends. I like my beaches secluded, undeveloped, and hard to get to. I love Caramoan, and Bantayan, the secret beach in El Nido, and the uninhabited island in Pinagcastillohan. I like the emerald pools of Hong Island in Krabi, and I dream of the lovely low-key beaches of Mozambique and Anguilla.

Phra Nang or Princess Island, off the coast of Ao Nang in Krabi, Thailand 

But this October, I've booked a ticket to Boracay. This is because during the All Soul's long weekend, my boyfriend will be in Baguio for a retreat, and my entire family is going to Boracay.

So I was faced with two choices: join my family in Boracay or be left home alone. I also found out that my four-year old niece would be going. And you know what, nothing in the world will make me  miss the opportunity to see that pudgy little girl in a bikini.

Manlawi's secluded sandbar in Caramoan, Philippines 

So what does Boracay have for a family trip and a lola like me? I guess I'll find out. In meantime, I would appreciate suggestions. 

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