Sunday, February 10, 2013

Travel Movie Monday: Lost In Translation

This movie pretty much captured perfectly what it is like to be surrounded by the neon lights and glittery trappings of a foreign city -- and feel so completely detached from it all.

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That is until, until you meet someone.

And you get into a crazy adventure with him or her. And it's the sort of adventure that can only happen when you're in a strange city, and you can let down your guard.

And then you find yourself winding down a karaoke evening singing "More Than This," and spending the after-hours of that night, just sitting beside each other.

But of course, as with most travels, it must end.

The goodbye scene of Lost In Translation, carried out in a crowded section of Tokyo is the most poignant, and bittersweet in all of movie history.

It's not a goodbye, in the English sense of bidding the other person "God be with you," or farewell ("fare thee well").

For this kind of separation, we must turn to none other than the Japanese, and their word "sayonara."

You see, sayonaras aren't used for routine occasions like leaving the house for school or for work, when you know you'll be back in a bit and you'll see each other again.

No. It's reserved for those times when you know that you know that you  might not see that person for a very, very long time, or perhaps never again.

Because "sayonara" means "For it must be so."

Resignation, acceptance, and even peace -- in the face of the most devastating of departures.

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